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UK Skin Lightening: Products & Services

UK Skin Lightening is a UK based company that mainly deals in skin care products.  The main product sold by this company is the Nur76 Skin Lightening ADVANCED 3-in-1 formula.  This formula was manufactured after many years of research and over 75 failed attempts. 

The objective of this product is to lighten and even out the skin tone safely.  This  product is 100% natural and safe as it does not contain any chemicals or animal extracts.  It is referred to as 3-in-1 because the package comes with 3 items namely:

  • Serum -  A light solution that is the first to be applied on the skin to prepare it for the other 2 products.  The serum absorbs into the skin easily.
  • Cream/Moisturizer – A skin lightening cream which moisturizes the skin and works with the serum to lighten the skin. 
  • Protector – A super-strength sun block/sunscreen that is different from other sunscreens.  It contains some skin lightening ingredients that help to lighten the skin round the clock.

Nur76 Skin Lightening Advanced 3-in-1 is designed for all skin types including Caucasian, African-Caribbean and Asian among others.  It works well on dry and oily skin and it can be used by both men and women for:

  • Lightening  and evening out skin tone
  • Lightening dark circles under the eyes
  • Evening  out and lightening hyper-pigmentation, blemishes, shaving razor bump scars, scars and dark marks
  • Lightening freckles, Chloasma, mask of pregnancy, Melasma and other kinds of skin discolourations
  • Removal of fine lines and wrinkles

It is advisable to use these products twice daily for optimum results.  The end result of using this product is a youthful, lighter, brighter, even toned, fresh looking, flawless and beautiful skin.  Once you have achieved the desired results, you can stop using it.  This means that you do not have to continue using it to maintain the fairness. 

UK Skin Lightening: Company Background

UK Skin Lightening is a company based in the UK.  It deals in skin lightening products.  The manager of the company is Abdul Alim Abdul started by lightening his skin using the Nur76 (original) formula since it was the only one available at the time.  Later he helped to develop the New Nur76 Skin Lightening ADVANCED 3-in-1 formula with the assistance of dermatologists and doctors. 

The offices of this company are located at 2 Slater St, Oldham, OL9 6ES, United Kingdom.  UK residents can call the company through  0161 621 0925  while USA/Worldwide residents can use 00 44 161 621 0925.  

The website of UK Skin Lightening is  The IP address of this website is  It was created on 29th September, 2010 meaning that it is about 2 years old.  The IP is hosted by B P Interactive Ltd, Newbury, England, United Kingdom. 

UK Skin Lightening: Customer Feedback & Reviews

UK Skin Lightening products have received some good customer feedback.  Some customers say that the Nur76 Skin Lightening ADVANCED 3-in-1 formula does actually lighten skin, remove discolorations and gives the skin a smooth and youthful appearance.  Like any other product, it does not work on everyone and there are thus some disappointed customers. The dissatisfied customers  said that it took too long to produce results and others complained that the price is high.   Below are some positive and negative comments from customers who bought the product at Amazon. 

  • The Nur76® Advanced 3 in 1 Skin Lightening is a very good cream to apply to your skin over time. It helps with the nastiness that aging can come with. The Nur76 can help with that over time by gradually fading out freckles and colour-blotches and helping to get rid of those dark under eye circles. I really needed this stuff because i was newly single and wanted to not look as old as I was. Like I said I started using this and over time you could really see the difference. It was amazing. The serum, cream and protector really worked well and blended together nicely.  It helped me look and feel younger. Great product. Great stuff. Try it out for yourself. You won't be mad.
  • I have used Nur76 for the last 2 months and I like what it is doing to my skin.  Some people may feel Nur76 is a scam because it did not give them miracle results within 2 days of using the product.  Unfortunately, Nur76 is not designed to give you miracle results within a few days of using it.  Nur76 Skin Lightening is designed to lighten the skin gradually over a number of weeks.  Nur76 definitely works but requires a bit of patience as it is 100% natural and safe and does not contain any dangerous or harsh chemicals.  If you are after instant results, then Nur76 is not for you! If you are after a safe and natural way of lightening your skin, then Nur76 can definitely work for you as it is doing for me.
  • Hi, ive tried it for 1 month and have got excellent results from it, give it a try and see how it goes, i used it for my face only not my body.  There are a few things it doesnt work for like alapecia or the skin condition that makes ur skin go all white.
  • I have used it to lighten my entire body using the advanced body lotion and the advanced face cream, its very nice, the serum is really good and leave you feeling silky and the cream is makes you lighter almost instantly and the results are amazing, however the protector is quite chalky so dont use the protector unless ur gonna be out in the sun.
  • Before purchasing this product, I searched & read so many reviews about it on the internet. Yes the product is NOT cheap, and in fact I bought this thinking that even if the product didn't work, at least it would be cheaper than having a laser surgery to remove dark spots on my face. I am an east Asian and I had quite a few of freckles and dark spots around my cheekbones, which used to make me feel less confident. I started to notice the difference after 4-5 days of using the product (I've been using it twice a day), and now I am into my 4th week and I am really pleased with the result. My skin is clearer overall and small freckles have disappeared remarkably. 
  • I have been using this product for about a month now and I can't say I've noticed much improvement(I have hyperpigmentation). I've found it impossible to use the sun screen (recommended against UV rays) because, it sits on the skin like your wearing a face mask, you couldn't possibly go outside with it on (unless you want to look like the ghost of christmas past). I did contact their customer service department for some advice on this(I'm still waiting for a reply!), so all in all I'm not impressed with this product considering how much I paid for it!
UK Skin Lightening: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The website of UK Skin Lightening is  This company is not rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) thus making it a bit difficult to know its business credibility  A company has to register with the BBB in order to get a rating. 

However, the products of this company especially Nur76 Skin Lightening ADVANCED 3-in-1 formula have continued to perform successfully.  As a result, this product has generated a lot of interest from the media including radio, TV, magazines and newspapers.  It has been featured on BBC TV1, BBC Radio, Asian Image, Eastern Eye, Chicago Times, ABC News (USA) and Sacramento Bee (USA). The manager of the company Abul Alim has been interviewed by BBC 1Xta, Radio 4'S and B4U Music among other electronic media.

This product is also available in popular pharmacies in London and in reputable online shops such as eBay and Amazon.

UK Skin Lightening: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

UK Skin Lightening website does not have a high website popularity.  For instance, it has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 6,974,205 out of the 30 million global domains. This rank is quite low. The website has not been ranked by Compete because its traffic is too low. 

The website has only 2 sites linking in.  It has a low Google pagerank of 0 out of 10 and a poor SEO score of approximately 7%.

According to, this website gets approximately 8 visitors daily and about 227 visitors monthly.  The estimated worth of the site is $666.22.

UK Skin Lightening: Social Media Presence

UK Skin Lightening has a low social media presence.   It is missing in some of the leading social media sites like Twitter and Google+.  It does not also operate a blog.

However, this company is active on Facebook where it has 2,875 likes.  The link to its Facebook page is  The company's products are also mentioned in You Tube where a number of people have uploaded videos of Nur76.

UK Skin Lightening: Website Security & Safety

UK Skin Lightening has taken a number of steps to make its website safe.  It uses a secure (https://) connection when taking payment information from customers.  The website does not also store the credit card information of customers.  These measures are supposed to deter credit card fraudsters. In addition, the website is secured with a secure 128 bit secure SSL encryption. 

According to Google, this website is safe.  A visit to this website's Google diagnostic page shows that this site is not listed as suspicious currently.  Over the past 90 days, it has not hosted any malicious software and has not acted as an intermediary for the infection of other websites.  The link to this Google diagnostic test page is

UK Skin Lightening: Pricing & Packages

The top-level package of UK Skin Lightening is the Nur76 Skin Lightening Advanced 3-in-1 formula.  The packet contains Nur76 Protector, Nur76 Advanced Cream and Nur76 Advanced Serum.  The total cost of these products is $147.00 including shipping.  The price is higher than what is charged by other companies that sell similar products.  However, it is important to remember that this product comes with 3 different items namely the Cream, Serum and Protector.  Below is a comparison of the price of this company's products with those of competitors.

  • Nur76 Skin Lightening Advanced 3-in-1 - $147 (free shipping)
  • Dermology Skin Brightener – Single Bottle - $49.95 (excluding shipping)
  • Meladerm Cream – Single Bottle - $49.99 (excluding shipping)
  • SkinBright Premium Skin Brightener – Single Bottle - $ 49.00 (excluding shipping) 
UK Skin Lightening: Shipping Rates & Policies

UK Skin Lightening ships it products to customers in all parts of the world.  The products are delivered in a plain box for your privacy.  The company is offering free delivery worldwide for the month of October only. 

This company uses different delivery methods for the convenience of its customers.  These methods include Royal Mail and Fedex. These shipping method are efficient and safe.

UK Skin Lightening tries its best to ensure that products are shipped promptly.  UK deliveries take 1 to 3 business days.  Deliveries to Middle East and Europe take between 5 to 10 business days while orders to Australia, Canada, USA and the rest of the world could take about 2 weeks.  Customers are given a tracking number to enable them track their orders online.  Alternatively, customers can pick up their orders from the company's Manchester offices.  The offices are open Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

If a package is lost in transist, the company delivers another free of charge.  Those with delivery queries are required to wait at least 4 days before contacting the company to allow sufficient time for generation of the tracking number.

In addition, you  are supposed to send a 'before' picture to the company's photo address within 14 days of placing you order.  This is the picture the company will use in case you request for a refund. 

UK Skin Lightening: Payment Methods Accepted

Shopping at theUK Skin Lightening website is easy as this company allows use of a wide range of payment methods.  You can pay via PayPal,  which is regarded as one of the safest and efficient online shopping methods.  The company also accepts alternative payment methods such as:

  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Visa Electron
  • Maestro
  • Google Checkout
  • Checks
  • Postal Order
  • Western Union Money Transfer

The company only charges your credit card once meaning that there is no repeat billing.  If you want to place another order, you have to go through the checkout again as the company does not record you credit card details. 

UK Skin Lightening: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

UK Skin Lightening is confident that their products will work for you.  In this connection, they have a 90-day money-back guarantee.  You are supposed to use the products twice daily for 90 days.  If you are not 100% satisfied with the results after this period, just contact them for a refund with 14 days after the expiry of the 90 days.  

Upon request for a refund, you will be required to send them 1 clear picture of you taken after 90 days of using their products.  The photo should be sent to the company's photo address which is available on request.  This picture will be compared with the 'before' picture you sent them when you ordered the products to determine whether you qualify for a refund.  Upon approval of the refund, you will be sent a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA) and the return address.  

When you receive the RMA, send the empty bottles, the box and proof of purchase/receipt to the address provided.  Products returned without an RMA number may not qualify for a refund.  If the company does not receive your 'before' picture within 14 days of placing an order, the money-back guarantee becomes void.   All this is done to prevent abuse of this guarantee. Once the refund is approved, you will receive all your money back. 

If a customer makes a cancellation before the goods are delivered, the refund takes 14 days to process.  If a cancellation is made within 7days of receiving the products, they should be returned unopened and unused for a refund to be given. 

There is however no evidence to show whether this company honors it return policy or whether it does not.

UK Skin Lightening: Product images & screenshots
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